ago, frank gehry
For my second visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), I made a quick stop just inside the entry. My battery died on the last visit and my unprepared self forgot to bring a spare…super smart, lol. So, I wanted to stop in to photograph the ramp in the center of the entrance.
If you recall from an much earlier post about the AGO, it was renovated by Frank Gehry in 2004. Interestingly, Gehry was born in Toronto, lived in this neighborhood and this was his first work in Canada.
On that first visit I photographed the amazing staircase just inside the museum, you can see images here. They’re some of my favorites of the year. Not terribly surprising given I love spiral staircases and Gehry’s designs are incredible. In the images from this visit you’ll definitely see the connection and similarities.
I felt like the image above and the next three fit well together, with the focus on the curves and shadows of these two bends of the walkway.
ago, frank gehry
ago, frank gehry
ago, frank gehry
The next set of images has a bit of a darker mood, I loved the play of light and the zig zag of the handrail. It kinda feels like a sinuous river.
ago, frank gehry
ago, frank gehry
ago, frank gehry
ago, frank gehry
If you want to see everything from both visits, you can check it out here.


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