Le Méridien Etoile
If you’ve been a follower of my blog for awhile you know I collaborated with Le Méridien Etoile a few years ago. Hard to believe it’s been that long! If not, I’ll do the brief overview 😉 In 2014 they commissioned me to create images for their corridors, which then expanded to the guestrooms, there are 9 floors total and the assignment was to create images from Arrondissements 1-9, one arrondissement per floor, and make it feel like a journey through Paris. Fun, right? What’s not to love about working with a brand like this where they allow you to retain creative control over how you shoot a project.
So, I spent 2 weeks photographing this amazing city. My starting point was to find the most interesting architecture in each arrondissement. From there, I left things a bit open as I wandered from one location to the next. It’s in those in-between moments that are left to chance where some of magic happens and you stumble across things you just can plan for.
Projects like these are long. I shot in August of 2014 and the renovations were completed toward the end of 2016. I was invited back a couple times between shooting and completion to do some marketing with some Instagrammers and for Le Méridien to create a video, I’ll share that toward the end of the post. You can read more about that here, for the behind-the-scenes details, if you’d like 🙂
A couple weeks ago I was back in Paris and stopped by Etoile to see the completed renovations and grab some photos of my artwork throughout the hotel. Such a surreal experience and so great to see how they displayed my work. The complete renovations turned out beautifully.  You can see some images of the whole hotel here, on their site. For this post I wanted to share a few details shots of where/how they displayed my images. Thanks for taking a look 🙂
First up, a seating area on one of the guest floors.
Le Méridien Etoile
Just outside the 9th floor elevator bank.
Le Méridien Etoile
More on the 9th floor corridor.
Le Méridien Etoile
One of the guestrooms.
Le Méridien Etoile
A seating area on another guestroom floor.
Le Méridien Etoile
Back to the 9th floor.
Le Méridien Etoile
A detail shot in the Club Lounge.
Le Méridien Etoile
The image below is from inside the elevator. Each elevator has one of my images, a description of the project and the video they created around this. Since zooming in on the text is a little tough, I’ll share what they’ve written here:
American photographer, awarded many times for her work, Angie McMongial was chosen by Le Méridien to decorate the hotel’s rooms. Her work focuses on architectural photography and highlights architectural lines, geometry of space, as well as contrasts and shadows. For Le Méridien Etoile, Angie let the city inspire her and tried to capture that inspiration in her photographs.
Le Méridien Etoile
And here’s that video, if you find yourself in Paris please stop by the hotel!




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