canada place
After my short visit to Seattle, I headed to Vancouver for a photo conference for a few days. While I spent a large part of those 5 days in hotel conference rooms, I did get a couple days out exploring the city.
Vancouver has been high on my list for quite awhile, so I’m glad I had the chance to visit! I didn’t take all that many photos, was wanting to just see the city without the camera a bit. One of my favorite parts of exploring this city was biking along their waterfront, it’s so well done and so much to see.
Photographically, here are a few locations I did manage some shots from. The first afternoon I explored around the University of British Columbia. Here’s a little detail of a pavilion in the UBC Buchanan Courtyards. It’s over a pool of water and the light reflecting off the water was dancing on the side of the pavilion creating this cool pattern.
UBC Buchanan Courtyards
Up next, the AMS Student Nest on campus. Just playing with the great geometry in here.
AMS Student Nest
Loved the staircase in the UBC Alumni Building. The wood tones were great but I preferred the tonal quality from the black & white processing. Again, playing with the geometry of the railings of the stairway.
ubc alumni building
ubc alumni building
ubc alumni building
Just across the street is this great transit stop with a cool, geometric rooftop.
UBC Transit Shelter
As you can see, I liked finding different compositions for the sails of Canada Place.
canada place
canada place
canada place
canada place
canada place


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