We’re back with old & new locations around charming Paris. We have a tendency to prefer modern, newer architecture for abstract images, but sometimes those historic locations just draw you in. One great example of this is the Palais Garnier in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, which we’ll explore on day 1 of the September workshop.

The details in here are amazing, so opulent. From the staircases to the ceilings, there are so many ways to photograph these spaces.

palais garnier palais garnier palais garnier

Onto another music venue in Paris, and vastly different in terms of architectural style, is the modern Philharmonie de Paris designed by Jean Nouvel. We’ll explore this one on the final day of the Paris workshop.

The outdoor, covered walkways have these great curvy, yet geometric features that make for great abstracts.

philharmonie de paris philharmonie de paris

The exterior also has fantastic geometric angles and lines that are perfect to create multiple triangles within your frame, causing this dynamic tension.

philharmonie de paris

To see more of the locations we’ll be photographing during September’s workshop, or to sign up (just 2 spots left!), head over here.

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