The best Toronto cityscapes

The Toronto skyline is pretty easy to recognize, thanks to the CN Tower that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city. Let’s dive into the best locations to capture Toronto cityscapes.

The lake views are probably the most obvious and famous. There are several islands just south of Downtown Toronto, so it’s pretty easy to photograph the city. The best locations are from Centre Island and Ward’s Island. You can easily access both with a ferry, which runs until after sunset.

Centre Island
Ward’s Island

Another spot to photograph the skyline with the lake is from Polson Pier. It’s a different angle and the pier provides a nice foreground. Sometimes you can even have a cargo ship docked in the area.

Polson Pier

Going back to Downtown, one of our favorite locations is the Bathurst Street Bridge. The train tracks provide great leading lines to the CN Tower.

Bathurst Bridge

The upper level of the Lower Simcoe parking garage has some great views over the highway. It’s especially good at blue hour and at night.

Lower Simcoe Parking Garage

Nathan Phillips Square and the City Hall is another good location in the heart of Downtown. They now have the TORONTO sign which adds to the image.

Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square

On the east side, a little outside of Downtown, you have a couple of great skyline views. The first one is Riverdale Park East, which is particularly good at sunrise. Because you have the Don Valley (a ravine with a river) in the foreground, it’s a great spot to get some fog!

Riverdale Park East

A little further north is the Chester Hill Lookout, which a great skyline view with the Bloor Viaduct and it’s lighting installation.

Chester Hill Lookout

Which Toronto cityscapes did we miss? Which views are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!



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