Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.”
– Louis Kahn

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve lucked out with seeing new images for a couple of my ongoing series (plus I might have a new one in the works…more in a later blog post!).
Last week I shared a new Cloudscapers image. This week, I’ll share 3 new images for my Urban Quilt (UQ) series. Technically, one was made late last year but it’s still a new favorite :)
I’ll share that one first, and you may have seen it already.

Urban Quilt 0291

I’ve taught 3 private workshops over the last 2 months, all here in Chicago. Given I’ve shot the locations I take my students to dozens of times, I tend to take in different parts of the city while the students are focusing on creating their own images (don’t worry, there’s much teaching going on before they shoot and reviewing of their images after, I just sneak a shot outside of the general topic every once in awhile). Plus, I’ll share things I see from the series ideas with students too :)
The next two new additions to the UQ series were both made during 2 different workshops. The first is slightly different than most images in this series as the background is not as sharply in focus. But I really liked how this image felt and, again, my thing for blue and white…
Urban Quilt 8028

This next one is the most recent addition. And, like the first one in this post, it was shot from Millennium Park. However, in different directions.
Urban Quilt 8144

As a little reminder; this is the last week to see other images from my Urban Quilt series on exhibit at the Catherine Edelman Gallery. The exhibit closes August 31, so stop by if you have the time. Beyond my work, there are 6 other photographers exhibiting as part of The Chicago Project VII exhibition. Plus, work by other artists represented by the gallery, lots of interesting things to see!
I’ll leave you with a sneak peek at what those images look like on display (however, much better in person!).
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