Sofitel Chicago – My Artwork on Display

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about the licensing I do of my work. Last year an art consulting firm licensed a few of my images for the renovation of the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile. I believe the renovations completed earlier this year, and just recently I had the chance to photograph my work in some of the guest suites.
It’s not often I get the opportunity to see where my work has been placed. Often I don’t even know. I thought I’d take the opportunity to stop by and get a few shots of how they look on location. Here’s a little peak…
sofitel chicago
sofitel chicago
sofitel chicago
sofitel chicago



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  1. How did the consulting firm hear about your work? Do you have an agent that facilitates deals like this? I frequent a local boutique hotel that I want to approach about displaying my work. I have become acquainted with the manager and debating whether to broach the subject.

    1. Hi Holly! Sorry for the delayed response. I don't have an agent. Over the years I've had art consultants get in touch with me. Typically hotel owners/general managers work with art consultants to source artwork. Though it's not out of the realm of possibilities to work one on one/directly with a hotel client. I've had it happen once and it was a fantastic partnership, it's just rare. I do my own outreach to art consultants to get my work in front of them on a regular basis and they pitch my work when they think it's a good fit with their client. It's a very long process. Most of these collaborations take at least one year. They then license the work for a particular use, in this instance to print a certain number of times, at a certain size for this one hotel.
      You mention displaying work. Not sure if you mean you want a temporary exhibit in one of their spaces. If so, then working directly with the GM or marketing team of the hotel could be good approach. However, licensing deals like the one in this post where the artwork is permanent in the guest rooms and lobby has most often been what I explained earlier. Hope that helps and happy to answer any other questions you might have. All this working artist stuff is hard to navigate so I totally understand )

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