Student Images from our 2019 Miami Workshop

Last month, we shared our images from the Miami Workshop. Today, we wanted to share our students’ images. After each workshop, we do a critique session, and we’re always amazed at some of the images our students get: angles we’ve never thought about, buildings they saw across the street, etc. So we ask them to share a few images with us so we can put them on the blog for everybody to see!

Fred Brundick

Fred joined us from Maryland for his first workshop with us. He shared a nice range of images, from detail to wide to cityscape. Take a look at his portfolio and follow him on Flickr.

Marie Keech

It was Marie’s 6th workshop with us! Always great to see her and she’s shared some gorgeous square abstracts of the Miami Design District. You can find her on Instagram and her website.

Tex Schneider

Tex joined us from Orange County, California. He shared a beautiful sunset cityscape and two great black and white details. Check out his Instagram profile.


Fernando Levy Hara

A local architect and developer, Fernando had some great insights into some of the buildings we shot. He shared some nice colorful images of the Financial District, the Miami Beach Convention Centre and the Design District.




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  1. It was such a pleasure attending this workshop, I has a lot of fun and learned a lot. I am honored that you have chosen some of my pictures, with so many much more professional photographers in the group! I hope to have you soon back in Miami. Koodos to Angie and Michael for organizing such amazing workshops! BTW, I was in Dubai last month and took a whole day off my business trip to walk around the city and practice what I learned , taking advantage of such amazing architecture

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