Last month I taught a workshop in Toronto through Photography Unfolded, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this a bunch of times by now but in case you missed it, it’s that company Michael Muraz and I created for the majority of our teaching endeavors. If you want that kind of content definitely head over there for blog posts, workshops, photowalks, etc.
The reason I bring this up is because the shots in this post were made during the workshop. I’m always on the lookout to add to my ongoing series, even when teaching.  If the shot presents itself I’m certainly going to try to make the most of the situation.
First, is an addition to my Cloudscapers series.

Rise Above the Darkness

Shortly after the above shot we were in the financial district of Toronto, a great area in any city for dense buildings and nice overlap of eras, textures and colors. All things that work well in creating shots for my Urban Quilt series. The shots you see of this series on my website are all from Chicago. However, I’m gradually working on expanding this series to other cities I visit with some level of frequency. Toronto certainly being one of them. Here you can see more of the Toronto Urban Quilt series.
urban quilt toronto
Urban Quilt 0544, Toronto

urban quilt toronto
Urban Quilt 0546, Toronto

This last addition to the series from the weekend was my favorite. Love the colors, light and reflections that create more depth.
urban quilt toronto
Urban Quilt 0558, Toronto

And finally, a new addition to a newer series titled On the Grid (not a city-specific series).
on the grid, toronto, angie mcmonigal, mies van de rohe
On the Grid, Toronto 0567, 2019

Thanks for following along 🙂



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