allen lambert galleria, santiago calatrava, angie mcmonigal
Blue is common to come across in architecture, in large part due to the blue sky reflecting in all those glassy buildings. Then, on occasion, due to my love of the color and altering the white balance in some shots (read more here on how/why). Like you see below and above in the Allen Lambert Galleria designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Remember that post related to intentional camera movement? Here’s another take with that technique, again at the Galleria. Also with multiple shades of blue.

One more color balance alteration at the Eaton Centre Bridge.
eaton centre bridge, WilkinsonEyre, angie mcmonigal
No color or white balance alterations here, just the morning light and sky reflecting in the Clear Spirit Condos facade.
clear spirit condos, toronto, angie mcmonigal
Onto the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto and more angular condos and blue sky, this time the Exhibit Residences.
exhibit residences, toronto, angie mcmonigal
And just across the street, The Royal Ontario Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. More angles with a great staircase. Not entirely sure where that blue is coming from, but I’ll take it! This time, not altered 😉




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