Still much to share from Toronto. Today is a mix of various locations around the city, all having sharp angles in common. The first is a condo in the Entertainment District. This wasn’t originally on our list but one of the students wanted to stop for a few shots. Great staggered balconies on this one, which makes for good photos, emphasized by angling the camera.

After a short break, we headed to the Financial District. First up the very angular and reflective Sun Life Centre.
sun life centre
Further into the Financial District is the Royal Bank Plaza. This one has some incredible reflections, angles and golden color. Mixed with the blue skies makes it especially compelling. One note on reflections, get as close as you can to the reflective surface to make those reflections even stronger. If you want even more tips on how to best use reflections in your shots check out this post on Photography Unfolded.
royal bank plaza, toronto, angie mcmonigal
royal bank plaza, toronto, angie mcmonigal
In this final shot of the bank, that reflection you see on the left is actually in a marble pillar at the bank’s entrance. Glass isn’t the only reflective surface to incorporate into your shots!
royal bank plaza, toronto, angie mcmonigal
The final two shots are from the Distillery District, a favorite part of the city for me! Again, the Clear Spirit Condos. You saw one shot of this location in this post, today I’m sharing a couple black and white versions. Zoomed in…

And a bit wider. Those clouds were too good to pass up!
clear spirit condos, toronto, angie mcmonigal



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