Saving my favorite for last, all those curves at the Toronto Reference Library. Only the second time I’ve visited here, yet another location with a great staircase. There are a number of ways to shoot this, both focusing on the curves and the angles because there are many of both. I prefer the curvy area of this staircase, which is most noticeable from the second floor. Or, at least, has the most options from this area. These curves feel pretty organic in nature, at least to me. Many feel floral. But I’ll let you be the judge 😉
And, well, I like both the color and black & white. So here’s a little side-by-side comparison for you.

Still curvy, the next two shots focus on the staircase looking down. There’s a portion of the banister, which is that brick red/orange color, along with part of the wall.

One final shot of the ceiling, tougher to photograph in an interesting way but I did like this one support beam.
toronto reference library, angie mcmonigal
Here are many more images from the library if you’re interested. Most from my first visit and I was definitely only seeing the space in black & white at the time.
And that wraps up my images from the Toronto workshop (don’t forget to checkout Photography Unfolded for more workshop info, blog posts, etc.!). If you want to see all the shots from the weekend workshop, just click here 🙂



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