Abstracting the US Embassy | London

us embassy london
An unexpected favorite in London was the US Embassy, and surprisingly, security didn’t have issues with photographing the building despite questioning. Definitely thought we’d get kicked out!
Glad we didn’t because the light went from cloudy to sunny, which completely changed the way the building looked, as you’ll see as you scroll through the images. Starting in the overcast, whiteout sky, which works well in creating negative space like the shot above or in this nice, even light like the images below where I’m filling the frame with my subject.
us embassy london
Of course, many of the shots are edited in color and black & white. I like both for different reasons, but I’ll let you decide which you prefer.



And a few where I definitely preferred one version over the other.
us embassy london
us embassy london
us embassy london
us embassy london
us embassy london
As I photographed this with the overcast skies, I thought it might be one of those buildings that are best in this kind of light. Because believe it or not, some buildings do look best with cloudy skies. While this looks great in these conditions, when the sun peeked out from the clouds for a bit, the fins on the building really glowed!

The sun was short-lived but glad I stuck around for it!
If London looks like fun to photograph, consider joining Michael and me for a workshop there next spring. You can get all the details here through Photography Unfolded!



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  1. I'm embarrassed. You've come all the way across the Atlantic to photograph a building that's on my list. I'm a short train ride away and I still haven't been. Doh!

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