An unexpected favorite stop in London was St. Paul’s Cathedral. Old churches like this are usually very beautiful and St. Paul’s was no exception. Of course, the ceilings in these churches are always amazing, just check out the shot above in the central area of the church (the nave), which is the underside of the dome. Below, a couple more lookup shots.

Toward the back of the church are even more ornate ceilings.

Rare for me, a wider shot looking back toward the front of the church.

A slight angle up from the same area.

After exploring the main floor, I headed to the crypt. Fantastic arches in this area!

After some time down here, I realized there was the option to climb 528 stairs (or 365 feet) to the top of the dome…why not?! Nice views from outside, though so busy and not much space to get any photos. About a third of the way up is the Whispering Gallery, which was unfortunately  closed due to renovations. Under usual circumstances, it seems there are great views of the nave below.
Just before leaving there was one more architectural treasure in here. This great spiral staircase!

Definitely a must-see location if you’re visiting London! If you’d like to photograph this and much more, consider joining Michael and me for a workshop there next spring. You can get all the details here through Photography Unfolded!



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