Erasmus MC Library | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The second city I visited while in The Netherlands was Rotterdam. I’ve never been here before and most of the time was spent photographing some of its interesting architecture. One of the first stops was Erasmus MC Library, which, well, I got kicked out of. Apparently you can’t be in there unless you’re a student. Oh well, still managed quite a few shots before that happened.
There are two spiral staircases flanking a wall, which were definitely a favorite subject in here. My indecision and toning is getting a little out of hand. You’ll see a few shots in black & white, blue and a peachy tone. Feel free to let me know your favorite 😉

In case you want to see slightly wider shots of this staircase interpreted in more realistic color, and of course B&W.

And a couple more details…
Erasmus MC Library, rotterdam, the netherlands
Erasmus MC Library, rotterdam, the netherlands
Erasmus MC Library, rotterdam, the netherlands
Another great area of the space, which I had little time to photograph before getting kicked out, was the ceiling with all these great angular skylights. Back to color (albeit with exaggerated peachy tones) and B&W.

More from Rotterdam coming soon!
If you’d like to see a few touristy pics from near here, I snapped these two in Delfshaven, not too far from this library. Just love all the canals in The Netherlands! Oh, and the pretty doors with all the beautiful flowers surrounding them!
Delfshaven, rotterdam, the netherlands
Delfshaven, rotterdam, the netherlands



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