A few more stops around Rotterdam before moving onto Utrecht. Most of the day was pretty gray and gloomy, which made for fewer options in some locations. A tough one under these conditions was the Erasmus Bridge. It’s white and I so would have loved a vivid, cloudless blue sky. But you take what you can get, which were random, mostly gray clouds. Somehow this first shot had this light blue tone, not exaggerated here, must have been reflecting some blue sky off in the distance. So, with the rest of them, I tweaked the white balance to take on the same hue.

Next up, and a definite favorite, the Hotel Ibis. The white curvy facade is so fun to photograph, even if it meant everyone in the hotel restaurant was staring at me wondering what the hell I was doing.

These next three are very similar but I had a hard time choosing a favorite.

A final one from this location.
Hotel ibis Rotterdam City Centre, the netherlands
The next stop was Rotterdam Station, a fantastic building but not the easiest to photograph. However, I did get a new one for my On the Grid series with the colorful Calypso Rotterdam buildings reflecting in its facade.
rotterdam station, Calypso Rotterdam, on the grid,
More series additions, this time Urban Quilt…guess I need to start one for the Netherlands! The image on the left involves Rotterdam Station. On the right, Calypso Rotterdam.

The final photo stop here, before getting an amazing fresh stroopwafel at the Markthal (seriously, these are SOOOO good!), were the Cube Houses. Perhaps the most well-known piece of architecture in Rotterdam. Easy to see why with this wild design! Not sure how well you can tell from these abstracts, but google this and you’ll see all these cubes arranged in crazy angles, stacking on each other. I would so love to go inside one of these!
As you may be noticing, they like their color in The Netherlands! Obviously the shots work well in color but I think the geometric shapes pop more in the black & white.

This last one…didn’t quite work so well in B&W. A bit simpler as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of Rotterdam’s architecture. Off to Utrecht next!



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