Gray Skies to Colorful Stairs | Utrecht

de Cope Parking Garage, utrecht, the netherlands
The gloomy, gray sky weather continued in Utrecht, even had rain for this one, lol. Oh well, still managed a few shots of the exteriors of this parking garage. Its pretty golden color worked nicely enough against the gray skies but I would love to see what this looks like with some sunshine. Mostly focusing on tighter detail shots of the slightly curved facade. I think they work well in color and black & white.
de Cope Parking Garage, utrecht, the netherlands

The next nearby stop was the Prins Clausbrug Bridge designed by Ben van Berkel, the same architect who designed the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. You can definitely see the similarities.

Ben van Berkel, Prins Clausbrug, utrecht
Time for a little color! Which I had to find in one of their immaculate parking garages, lol. Seriously, I’ve never seen such clean, well-lit parking spaces in my life! And, they do like their color in their architecture. Plus, a good spiral staircase, wherever it is, is worth photographing.




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