Taking Advantage of Gray Skies

It seems winter is upon us, which means many days of gray, gloomy skies. An easy excuse to put the camera away and avoid shooting. While it may be a bit more limiting to photograph with those whiteout, dull skies, they can have their advantages. Mainly, they’re a great use of negative space, nice even light and greater contrast.

via 57, BIG

Whether in color or black & white, angles or curves blown out skies allow those shapes to stand out.


To compare the same location under different conditions, take a look at 515 W 29th St, along NYC’s High Line.


Both conditions work, but the fins of the building and raindrops are more pronounced with the white sky. While the image with what most consider better weather conditions becomes more about the interaction of the building and clouds. Each emphasizes different things. It’s a matter of using the weather you’re given to your advantage. So don’t pack up your gear when it gets gray out there, just look at your environment in a different way.



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