nyc skyline
Continuing with all those NYC images. When in town for a workshop, there’s A LOT of shooting! This is the first year we spent so much time in Brooklyn, crazy how much is being built there!
Not super new, but opened in 2012 is the Barclays Center. An indoor arena, home to the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders. We spent a little bit of time photographing the curvy exterior.

A short walk away is 300 Ashland Place. Soft light on one side, harsh light on the other.

Just a block away is 620 Fulton Street, with more interesting fins on the exterior. So common lately in design. From my understanding, it helps provide shading to cut expenses with heating and cooling.

620 fulton st, brooklyn

Next, a new Studio Gang building in Brooklyn, 11 Hoyt. It’s still under construction but it has these interesting swooping window bays.

Back to Manhattan and another new stop, the New York City AIDS Memorial. The pavilion was designed by nearly 500 architects and is in a park across from the former St Vincent’s Hospital. The hospital housed the city’s first and largest AIDS ward. The structure is made up of many triangles, three serve as legs connecting the two on the top, so it looks like an open airplane. Of course, I failed to get the wider shot but the light was amazing and the clear blue skies certainly helped given the structure is white. Made for a nice color combo.

Onto the New School University Center and its distopian-like feeling.

A stop by the Jenga building, 56 Leonard. Which the architects describe as “houses in the sky”.
56 leonard, nyc, Herzog & de Meuron
One more stop in Manhattan, The Salt Shed. I know, seems weird to photograph a salt shed but it has a pretty great design. It actually houses the city’s salt for the winter months and holds up to 5000 tons of salt! It’s made of concrete with walls 6 feet deep and has some pretty interesting angles.

Onto the final stop of the day, a skyline view from J. Owen Grundy Park. I mostly played with intentional camera movement from this location since I’ve shot the skyline from here before.

More to come from NYC soon 🙂



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