Brooklyn Bridge Park to Lower Manhattan | NYC

The final workshop day was filled with so many great locations. Starting with skyline views of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park. As you see above I had more fun with intentional camera movement as I loaned my tripod to a student, a little forced creativity.
Next, we walked along the East River and I grabbed a couple shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then for that iconic Brooklyn shot of Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building.
manhattan bridge, empire state building
Next up, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to our next destination, New York by Gehry. Here’s a wider shot from Brooklyn to get some idea of what the building looks like.
new york by gehry, frank gehry
Then from up close zooming in on all those curves, Gehry is known for.

Onto the Fulton Center, which is a retail complex and transit center designed by Grimshaw Architects. The main area of focus is the atrium, which has this sci-fi feel, enhanced with the processing I did on these images.
fulton center
fulton center
Onto another transit hub, the Oculus designed by Santiago Calatrava. It was designed to resemble a dove taking flight. Many of his designs evoke this bird-like feeling, often skeletal in nature, which you really notice from the interior shots of this space.

The blue hue you see on the very white Oculus is from the sky reflecting on its surface. Instead of correcting for this I decided to keep this tone, simply because I like how it looks.

oculus, santiago calatrava
oculus, santiago calatrava
Now for the interiors. There were some great shadows on the walls of the space.

There are two levels in the main atrium of the hub, between these levels are sculptural columns.
oculus, santiago calatrava
oculus, santiago calatrava
Near the area where you enter the train station, the building starts to feel more ribcage-like.

Our final stop of the workshop was Brookfield Place, a shopping center and office building that is connected to the Oculus via an underground walkway. It has some interesting pillars when you enter its lobby. They’re very white, again a couple shots where I played around with white balance to give this blue hue.
brookfield place
brookfield place
Two final shots in black & white.
brookfield place
brookfield place
Thanks for sticking around for all the NYC posts 😉 You can see all the shots here and if you’re curious about upcoming workshops head over to Photography Unfolded!



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