Taliesin West | Frank Lloyd Wright

taliesin west, frank lloyd wright

Last weekend I visited Taliesin West for the first time despite a few trips to the Phoenix area. I’ll certainly be lambasted by architecture fans out there but I’m not the biggest fan of FLW. He’s certainly a genius in his approach to design and quite prolific, which I can appreciate. However, I have a hard time loving the, often, dark cavernous spaces. Though, his winter home does have a lighter feel than the locations I’ve seen around Chicago. Regardless of my opinion, his work has stood the test of time and he was quite an influence on the field of architecture.

Interesting timing with my visit, as just a few days later his School of Architecture announced it will be closing this June. Definitely an unfortunate situation.

Despite my general opinion of him, the location is beautiful and the details within this space were interesting to photograph. Not bad weather either!

Here are a few photos from my visit.

taliesin west, frank lloyd wright

taliesin west, frank lloyd wright



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