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One more post from Miami! This time we start with a sunrise view of the city. Followed by another Zaha Hadid design, One Thousand Museum. One of her last projects before her passing. And the first high rise she designed in the Western Hemisphere. The curvy exoskeleton is not only intriguing from an aesthetic perspective but it’s meant to help resist the high hurricane winds and allows for fewer columns inside.
one thousand museum, zaha hadid
one thousand museum, zaha hadid
one thousand museum, zaha hadid
The light and shadows were beautiful! I found this building tough to edit in black & white, other than this shot.

one thousand museum, zaha hadid
After a break for breakfast, we took the Metro Mover to the Brickell District. From one of the stops, the WeWork building has this really great reflective facade. Hard to decide whether I prefer the color or black & white but they show the building off in a very different way.

Our first stop in the Brickell district was the SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences by Arquitectonica. I’ve photographed this building many times so this time I played with some intentional camera movement (ICM). I liked the wave-like feeling of this one.
SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, Arquitectonica, miami
SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, Arquitectonica, miami
Just behind this building was a new one that made me think of the front of a ship.

Playing with the balconies and the colorful wall next door.
SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, Arquitectonica, miami
Back to the intentional camera movement.

Just a couple blocks away, a newer building to the area, the Brickell Flatiron by Luis Revuelta.

Now for the ICM!

Now for the Brickell Heights Condo, again by Arquitectonica.
Arquitectonica, brickell heights condo
And the Solitair Brickell Apartments by Stantec. All of these locations in the Brickell District have great balconies and the images are mostly about finding ways to utilize those angles to create details and abstracts of the area.
Stantec, Solitair Brickell Apartments
Our final stop was the Brickell City Cente with its great curvy canopy. Once again going with ICM since I’ve photographed here many times and needed to change things up.

And one straight shot ;)
brickell city centre, Arquitectonica
Thanks for checking out the many Miami photos. If you want to see all of them, head over here. And if you’d like to learn more about our workshops stop by Photography Unfolded.



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