Telling a Story Through Varying Perspectives

There are many ways to approach architectural subjects. What you want to say to the viewer will help dictate how to photograph each location. Admittedly, I have a hard time shooting from a wider perspective. I’m just naturally drawn to the details and creating abstracts or trying to make the space look like something else entirely through my compositions.

However, there are times when telling the whole story of the building is the right approach. What I mean by this is photographing the building from various perspectives in the sense of getting the wide, mid-range and detail shots. And, perhaps throwing in an abstracted take. This allows the viewer to get the whole understanding of the space, resulting in greater comprehension.

A rare time I approached a building this way was the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry. The wide view of the front of the space is as interesting as the details, at least to me.

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry, la philharmonic

Getting a little closer for some mid-range shots. You can still tell what you’re looking at but you get a little more in tune with the details of the space.

A little less contextual, a lookup detail shot.

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry, la philharmonic

Then, for something that makes placing the location more difficult. The black & white processing also adds to this feeling more abstract.

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry, la philharmonic

This is just one way you can approach your subjects. If, like me, you struggle with this, it’s a good way to push yourself to see the space a bit differently. It’s also more useful if you’re shooting for architecture and design firms.

Here’s one more example from Michael of the Los Angeles United States Courthouse.

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