The Guggenheim, one of the best architectural locations in New York City

One of our favorite locations in New York City, an in general, is the  Guggenheim Museum. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the museum is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, right next to Central Park. While it’s not the most accessible location, it’s worth the trip, for both the art and the architecture.

You’ll notice the round exterior of the museum standing out right away. Before going in, make sure you shoot the facade, where you’ll be able to find some minimalist shapes and interesting contrasts between straight and curved lines.


You can also use neighboring buildings as a contrasting background to the FLW’s minimalist curves.

Inside, there are 3 main locations to photograph. The first, and most obvious, is the main atrium and its circular ramp that spans the entire height of the building.

While wide shots certainly are appealing with the leading lines, don’t forget to take the time to zoom in on the details as well.


The ramp provides a lot of opportunities for abstract compositions, as does the skylight and its interesting patterns.


The second area that is worth shooting is the triangular staircase, located on the east side. If you’re on the ground level, it is between the entrance to the gift shop and the beginning of the ramp.

From the bottom looking up, it’s a very minimalist composition with almost nothing but white. But from the top looking down, the steps, the floor tiles and the gold handrails bring a very different feel to the image.

Finally, do not miss the gift shop, which is probably our favorite part. Walk all the way to the end and look up, there’s a second, smaller atrium.

While obvious, wide shots work well here. Use a lens as wide as you can! Details are also worth shooting, using the lines of the atrium.

Next time you’re in New York City (once the confinement is over), take a couple of hours to visit the Guggenheim Museum. And don’t forget to also check out the art!



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