Constellation, Take I by Santiago Calatrava

Chicago is finally getting a little something by Santiago Calatrava! For a long time, the closest piece of architecture we’ve had from him is the Milwaukee Art Museum, which, of course, is one of his best! While not nearly close to this scale, we’re having a sculpture titled Constellation installed at River Point Park.
I was downtown to scout for some commercial projects last week so I decided to check out the progress of this. The timing of day wasn’t the best as it was fully in the shade, I need to get there bright and early once it’s fully installed, but it was great to see it taking shape.
I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything by Calatrava that’s so vibrant. Most of his designs are white. However, this is a vibrant red which offers a great contrast to the surrounding park and buildings. Once complete it will stand 29 feet in height and width featuring a leaf-like spiral meant to mimic the arch of River Point building behind it.
For now, some detailed shots of the sculpture.

While not the sculpture, this is the upper portion of River Point designed by Pickard Chilton. Loved how the reflected clouds blend into the sky beyond and the two people on the balcony or ledge offer a sense of scale. In all honesty, I didn’t see them standing there until I began editing the photo, but it’s one of my favorite aspects of the shot.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back with more shots once the sculpture is fully installed! Looking forward to getting back out shooting.



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