City Nights Photowalk with Chicago Photography Classes – September

london house, trump tower chicago
Another teaching thing I haven’t done for about 2 years is lead a class or in this case, a photowalk, with the RS Chicago Photography Classes (CPC). Such a great community of people here and the place I learned how to develop and print film photography forever ago! So, it’s always great to be back here teaching.
This time I lead a City Nights photowalk centered around Chicagohenge (in reference to Stonehenge). That phenomenon during the fall and spring equinoxes where the sun rises due east and sets due west. So, basically the sun sets between the buildings directly down the streets running east and west. Plus, it’s super low, big and bright. And on the night we were shooting, after a very clear day, the smoke from the west coast wildfires came in creating this filtered, less intense light. But, it also created these Saturn-like rings I’ve never seen before.
I struggle with photographing the whole Chicagohenge phenomenon since it’s so overdone and very difficult to get something original. From the little shooting of this I did on this walk, the shot below is the one I prefer. However, I still feel like I need to find a more creative way to approach this. Just 6 more months before trying again 🙂
We headed north along Michigan Avenue and the attendees made some long exposure shots form the median. Then, onto the river for some detail and cityscape views.
I don’t do a lot of night photography but it was nice to try something different even if it meant using a tripod 😉 First, a lookup at London House and Trump Tower. Nice combo of old & new.
london house, trump tower chicago
Looking north playing around with intentional camera movement of the Wrigley Building.
wrigley building, icm, intentional camera movement
We made a couple of other stops along the river and LaSalle Street but I didn’t shoot too much more, was too busy helping and chatting with the students. But, before the photowalk began the clouds were fantastic so I spent some time getting shots of my second favorite subject 🙂

cloud photography
Looking forward to more teaching with CPC soon! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter if you’re interested in other photowalks or classes, with me or the many other fantastic intsructors.



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