City Nights Photowalk with Chicago Photography Classes – October

chicago theater
Time for the other City Nights photowalk I led with RS Chicago Photography Classes. This time we did a loop around The Loop 😉 We met and began at the Calder Flaminto. Hard to believe, but I’ve never shot this at night. Although, I don’t shoot at night very often in general. Might be time to remedy this and try something new.
Before we hit blue hour, and as the sun was setting, I saw this Urban Quilt shot. Just liked the little areas where the sun was hitting the building and bouncing onto a few of the windows in the building in the foreground.
urban quilt chicago
Now for some attention on the Flamingo as the sun began to fade and the arches were lit.

The one actual blue hour shot I got. Great color combo with the blue reflecting in the Mies building and the red of the Calder.
calder flamingo, alexander calder
Next, we stopped by the Chicago Board of Trade and made our way north along LaSalle Street. I didn’t shoot along here as I was helping students most of the time, but it’s a great area to get that “Urban Canyon” effect. The next stop we made was the Chicago Theater. Hard to believe but I have never shot this at night and I believe, I have only ever attempted to shoot this one other time in about 2002. Kinda crazy after living here for nearly 20 years! I only made one straight shot, the rest of the time I played with intentional camera movement.
chicago theater
chicago theater

chicago theater
And, of course, a look at these in black & white 😉
chicago theater

chicago theater



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