For my second Cleveland post I’m going to share a few locations I had planned and a few I randomly came across while there + a mix of old and new. Quite possibly my favorite type of contrast. Bonus if it’s within the same shot, if not, I still like the contrast of pairing the two next to each other.

I’ll go in the order of shooting for these. First, the UH Seidman Cancer Center, which was not on my list. What caught my eye as I drove by were the shadows on the parking garage. I seem to have thing for parking garages, for some reason I find myself shooting these regularly. No idea why but they’re often overlooked and many are actually quite well designed.

Ok, so not only do I often have issues with indecision between choosing color or B&W, but also which composition I prefer. It’s ridiculous that me editing these three images is quicker than trying to decide which of the three I like best. So, you get to see all and behind the curtain of my madness ;)

Then, there’s the actual hospital building designed by Cannon Design. This is a mini-series of the sweeping curves and blues & whites of the design. This first shot is my favorite of the three.

After shooting here, I checked into the hotel at The Arcade – the first indoor shopping center in the US. Today, it’s home to the Hyatt Regency, shops, and restaurants. The architectural history and uniqueness of the building were basically my only reasons for staying here.

I’m glad I did because I shot it when I first arrived and again the following morning. As you can see, the difference in lighting sure changes the feel of this space. That early morning light is so much warmer and in my opinion, better. Thought I’d share a couple of examples so you can see the impact of being in the location at the right time.

Some great patterns in these exposed hallways. I particularly like the second of these two images and the bit of drama created from the early morning light and the solitude of the tables and chairs inside this restaurant.

A little look down and look up of the same area.

A couple more details of the atriums glass dome.

Of course I found a staircase to shoot! The gold and black…so on trend ;)

Of the many perspectives, this next one is my favorite. I prefer the layers and angles of this perspective over the others. Though you may prefer another.

One final shot from The Arcade. Couldn’t pass up the clock and those string lights create some nice layers.

A short walk from the hotel is the Cleveland Trust Company Building, which is now Heinen’s Fine Foods. Such a beautiful interior but, unfortunately, when I was there the section with this incredible dome was blocked off and wasn’t opening back up for another week. So my ability to shoot was limited. This was the only shot I liked.

Across the street from the hotel is the Cleveland Public Library, originally not on my list but there’s the original library plus a newer addition, I’m guessing ’80s or ’90s based on the design style. Not at all my favorite era of design but hard to pass up any location with an old + new mix! And, usually, these older buildings have a least a few great details worth shooting. My hunch was not wrong, great ceilings and staircases.

But, first, there’s an underground passageway between the two buildings with this pyramidal skylight I thought was interesting. Had to lie on the ground to get far enough away to get the whole diamond shape within the frame. Despite that extra stability to get the shot, my symmetry is off and it’s really annoying me!

Onto the original building and a lookup at the pretty ceiling.

Next up, the staircases. From the 1st to 2nd floor…

From the 2nd to 3rd floor…

Next, the Cleveland Museum of Art. Another location with a modern and historic section. The only shot of the modern section (designed by Rafael Viñoly) I got that I liked is a bit more commercial, but you get an idea of the space. And do I ever love that the woman walking by has a red skirt on to tie into the red wall!

Rafael Viñoly, the cleveland museum of art

Then one detail of the historic area.

Stay tuned for one more Cleveland location before moving onto Pittsburgh!

And, if you’d like to see everything from Cleveland, head over here.



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