Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum | Cleveland

My last photo stop in Cleveland was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I almost completely forgot it was here! I think I remembered the night before leaving for the trip. I don’t even know how this didn’t come up in my research. Perhaps I need to rethink my researching techniques, lol.

Anyway, glad I remembered and glad I stopped by. The geometry of the this building is fantastic + some contrasts with a circular section, which is a performance area. The white tiles remind me a bit of Richard Meier’s designs but throw in that pyramid and I’m immediately reminded of the man behind the design, I.M. Pei.

Of course, I shot and edited most images in color but I prefer the black & white. The geometric shapes take center stage when the color is removed.

First, a couple of slightly wider shots. The one on the left is the main entrance and then you see the circular section just off to the side.

Extra geometry added through shadow-play.

rock and roll hall of fame, i.m. pei, cleveland architecture

A couple of takes on the circular section, one more dramatic than the other based on how the light was hitting the surface and the way I angled the lens.

The next three might be my favorites, particularly paired together. They’re the most geometric of the shots and the vivid blue sky made for added drama when converted to B&W.

rock and roll hall of fame, i.m. pei, cleveland architecture

A couple more of the angular side view where the glass and tile come together to create lots of triangles. Plus, I love the pairing of the two materials in the same shot to create a little contrast, yet how they’re connected through their mutual geometric shape and square pattern whether in the tile or the glass.

Just for comparison’s sake, here are a few I also liked in color. For some reason, the glass seems to take on this purple-ish color that I don’t see in the original photos shot for the architect. So, I’m not entirely sure what’s up with that but it is not a color I added. I’ve emphasized it, or maybe exaggerated it a bit for contrasting purposes, but the color is there on its own.

That’s a wrap for Cleveland, if you’d like to see everything I shot there, click here.

Next up, Pittsburgh!



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