Fallingwater seems to be a pilgrimage type of site for anyone interested in architecture. So, on a recent trip to Pittsburgh I figured I should make the nearby drive to finally checkout Fallingwater.

Other than FLW’s Guggenheim, this is my favorite design of his I’ve seen to date. The location is so beautiful and peaceful.

I love all the balconies and depending on how you stand in relation to them things can feel very linear or geometric. Not to mention the varying textures of the space.

I love how transparent the house is with the large amount of windows.

I think my favorite area was the kitchen, especially the windows!

From the back of the house…

Onto the guesthouse.

A little detail of the underside of the stairs here. More great texture and geometry.

A bit of the guesthouse living room.

Love the stepped canopy over the walkway from the guesthouse to the main house.

And, of course, the iconic view. Vertical….

…or horizontal.



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