Indianapolis – Pyramids & Newfields

Surprisingly I’ve never been to Indianapolis, so with a recent weekend visit I took a little time to explore some of the city’s architecture. Until I unknowingly screwed up something on my camera and thought I couldn’t shoot. Don’t even ask, lol!

I photographed two locations while I was there. The first was the Pyramids by Kevin Roche. The grounds are quite large and the area consists of three large pyramids. Depending on which way I was shooting, the quality of light changed a bit.

Of course, the symmetrical shot by standing at one of the corners, looking up. The clouds added a nice touch.

A few details.

The next stop was Newfields – Indianapolis Museum of Art. Some curves and geometry here. I preferred these shots in B&W. This curvy section is at the entrance of the museum and a high key take on this space.

A straight lookup shot with contrasts in those curves and lines, plus textural differences.

I like the fins on the side of the building and their slight curves.

There’s a rough concrete, brutalist-looking, round fountain just in front of the wall above. The fountain wasn’t on while I was there but I do love the texture of these blocks.

So, after I left here I somehow managed to put my camera on a timer. Completely unintentionally! I honestly don’t even know how this is possible. Well, I thought my shutter just stopped working so I didn’t shoot the rest of the weekend. So mad at myself.

I did drive around to check out the city and the other locations I had intended to shoot. Guess I just have to go back!



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