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It’s been fun documenting the way the St Regis changes based on the seasons…the differences in the sun and how the light affects the building, the clouds, its natural surroundings.

So, just dropping by with a few summer photo updates.

First up, bright and early for a June sunrise and those moments just before the sun appears.

I love that early morning, super soft light and the way it makes the building feel almost transparent.

Shortly after sunrise, such a beautiful golden hue on the facade.

I couldn’t pass up a drone view of the building in context with the sailboat filled lake and its neighbors.

Another early morning, this time in July. I was near Michigan Avenue for another shoot and grabbed a couple of shots of the purples and pinks that early morning light cast on its surface. Plus, love that half-moon 🙂

A couple of details on the south-facing side. I love the contrast of the irregularity of the clouds reflecting with the regular pattern of the windows.

One final late afternoon shot with the busy river. Again, those clouds! This time in a wider context. But I love how the surface of the building changes so much depending on the cloud cover and light. It’s a beauty!



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