Wilmette Private Sculpture | Kate Williams

I was recently commissioned by artist, Kate Williams, to capture images of one of her sculptures placed at a Wilmette private residence. She asked for representational images and more artistic takes on her artwork. Exactly the kind of shoot I love!

I spent a few hours photographing this beautiful piece. Here’s a look…

One of my favorite areas of the sculpture is the striations on the right section.

The two shots above are very similar, yet convey a different sense of the sculpture, hard to choose which I prefer.

A couple of tighter details of this area…

Moving around to another area of the sculpture

Continuing to circle the sculpture.

And now coming full circle. This angle feels shoulder-like to me…some angularity, some curviness + some dramatic, moody light. Just beautiful work by Kate!

I also made a few drone shots to get the full feel for this piece. Here’s the one she selected.

After converting one image to black & white to share with Kate, because it just gives this a different feel with a greater focus on the curves and sensuality of the sculpture, she asked for a couple of others to be converted to black & white as well.

I think it works particularly well with the more detailed shots. Love her work and I look forward to working with her again!



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