Student Images from the August 2021 Chicago Workshop

You’ve seen my shots from the workshop, but isn’t it more fun to peek at some of the attendee’s images for a different perspective?! Let’s dive right in!

Omar Jeffries

This was the first workshop where everyone was from out of town, not a single local Chicagoan! Omar joined us from Cleveland. He has a great eye for those details, beautiful shots from the Spertus, BP Bridge, and The Rookery. Be sure checkout his website here.

Mike Isenberg

Mike is the reason we had a group workshop this August at all. He couldn’t make the October workshop I had scheduled so wanted to do the same itinerary in a private workshop, so we decided we might as well open it up and see if others wanted to join. I’m sure glad we did, such a fun group.

Mike does a lot of multiple exposure and ICM photography. By the end of the workshop, he had convinced everyone to try shooting like this, lol. Definitely makes for some fun images. You see his style here through an image at the MCA and then his version of the cityscape.

You can see his work on his website here.

Sally Matak

Sally joined us from Detroit and is sharing some beautiful black and white shots from the Spertus, Palmer House Hilton, and the Hampton Inn. Checkout more of her work on her website.

Rick Frei

Rick joined us from Loveland, Colorado and shares some dramatic images from the MCA, Millennium Park, and an ICM shot of the Jewelers Building.

Thelma Kelly

Thelma joined us from another Colorado town, Boulder. She’s sharing some beautiful shots from the Washington/Wabash CTA stop, the Palmer House, and a multiple exposure shot of some urban details. You can see more of her work on her website, here.

A big thanks to all the attendees! It was such a fun group, very patient with all the itinerary changes we needed to make due to weather and some unexpected closings. We had a great time and I hope to see them all again soon!



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