St Regis Chicago, interiors | Magellan Development + Studio Gang Architects + HBA

I recently photographed the amenities spaces of the St Regis Chicago. Both for upcoming award submissions and the usual marketing purposes. It’s been months in the making with all the covid delays in furniture and finishings arriving, the space was finally to a point of being able to be photographed.

First up, the beautiful south lobby.

The north lobby.

Let’s head upstairs to the amenities floor and the living room area on the east side of the building.

Such great views!

More great views from the conference room.

The theater.

Moving along to the west side of the building, let’s first take a look at the views from the terrace here.

To the south, this cozy room with mid-day and late afternoon light giving it even more warmth. Personally, this is my favorite space here.

Across the hall is the dining room, another beautiful space which takes on such a different mood depending on the time of day.

Just east of here is the kitchen.

A look at the exercise facilities.

Now, for the wine tasting room.

There’s also a wine storage room/locker for each of the residents.

A little bonus look at the western sunset views from one of the units on the 56th floor.



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