Fulton Labs (400 N Aberdeen) | ESG Architecture & Design

Just before Christmas, I stopped by the nearly complete Fulton Labs in the Fulton Market District. It was a warmish day with some great skies so I thought, despite the building not being fully complete, I’d stop by for at least a few drone shots.

When I first approached the building the late afternoon winter light was hitting the south facade with this beautiful warm glow.

I prefer the view looking west from this vantage point, it’s a little cleaner, but shot it facing east as well for greater context.

Next I got some drone shots…

I took a short break from the drone for a few more ground shots as the light changed and to get some details of the facade.

As evening approached, we had a great sunset and the vivid pinks reflected so well in the glass of the building.

One more a bit later…

I would have loved to get a few more ground shots, there are so many interesting details here. Particularly love the eastern entrance. This building will look amazing regardless of time of day and I hope to get back here to capture it properly once construction is fully complete.



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