Barstool Sports RiverNorth | Clune Construction

Earlier this week I had the honor of shooting another fun project with Clune Construction, Barstool Sports RiverNorth.

They’re involved in such fun projects + their team is so great to work with. Always fun, always organized. Makes for a great day.

We spent the morning shooting the two areas of the bar, the basement lounge and the main floor.

Let’s start with the lounge, love all the tones and particularly the booths in this area.

Heading upstairs to the main floor, so many great murals and textures here.

For Clune’s purposes, they tend to prefer the wider, people free shots but we did include a couple with people. This one is a favorite from the day. You get a good sense of a larger area of the bar. And, of course, having people in the shot gives it some life.

Toward the back of the bar is this cozy little area.

Then, a couple of the bar.



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