Student Images from the 2022 Los Angeles Workshop

Last month we had a great 3 days exploring Los Angeles! Such a great group for my first workshop outside of Chicago since covid. A big thanks to them for being so patient with a number of last-minute itinerary changes due to covid and unplanned access issues.

This year, we spent 3 full days exploring LA as opposed to the 2-day workshops I’ve done in the past. We added a half-day in Culver City, the interiors of The Broad + seeing the Petersen Automotive Museum lit at night…so fun!

Let’s take a look at some of the images the students got during our time together. So impressed by their shots!

Jay Lee

First up, Jay Lee. He joined us from Arizona and is sharing a nice mini-series of images from The Getty Center. Always a favorite, and exploring here for 4 hours is such a pleasant way to spend a morning.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @jaywleephotography.

Mike Isenberg

Next up, Mike Isenberg. Also from Arizona, this is the second workshop Mike has taken with me. He creates these fun multiple exposure images and has a nice mini-series from our last workshop stop, the Ulysses sculpture by Alexander Liberman.

Check out more of his work on his website –

Jackie Moore

Jackie joined us from Northern California and is sharing some great shots from various locations – The Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, Ulysses sculpture by Alexander Liberman, and a shot of various highrises in downtown LA.

Follow her on Instagram at @jackiemoorephoto.

Allison Laurel

Allison joined us from Seattle and is new to architecture photography. She got some great shots of the Disney Concert Hall, The Getty Center, and the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Follow her on Instagram at @allisonlaurel_photography.

Candia Peterson

Candia joined us from New York and is sharing a mini-series of graphic, geometric, black & white images from The Broad, The Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, and The Getty Center.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @candiapeterson.

Leslie Baker

Joining us from nearby LA, Leslie is sharing some great shots from the Petersen Automotive Museum, Double Ascension by Herbert Bayer (a location I had to convince everyone was worth shooting and then once they started I couldn’t get them to leave, lol), and The Waffle Building (or Vespertine) in Culver City.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @bakerdezine.



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