Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

I get asked some version of this question at almost every workshop I teach – “What are your favorite architecture Instagram accounts to follow?”.

If you subscribe to my newsletter you know that every month I feature a favorite Instagram account. Usually, architecture-related but not always. However, since this comes up a lot, I thought I’d compile a list here, on the blog, that you can go back and reference specifically related to architecture.

I’m sticking with the more fine-art or abstract takes on architecture as opposed to the commercial architecture accounts I like. However, if you’re interested in that too, let me know.

So, here you go, some of my favs! Let’s start with the ladies.


Jeanette Hägglund – bold, minimal, colorful


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Natalie and she’s such a warm, kind person. Her work is generally focused on the banal of Santa Fe, NM. Typically colorful and graphic.


Often dark, moody and dramatic, Swee’s work is captivating. She and I also met years ago at a workshop and have kept in touch via social media over the years, such a great person with a really interesting vision on architecture.


I came across Carla’s work many years ago and love the dark, moody, otherworldly feeling to her creations.

Onto the men…


Now based in Lisbon (a place I’m dying to go!), previously California, Minh has an immediately recognizable aesthetic – warm, minimal, graphic. He often places himself in his shots with his signature coat and hat, which gives his images an even more distinguishable and recognizable vibe.


Another account that has a similar vibe – though, perhaps, with a bit more of a retro vibe. Jose Morales is based in Milwaukee, so you get a lot of Calatrava. Done exceptionally well!


I met Thibaud, based in Paris, back in 2016 for this fun Instagram campaign we were both a part of for Le Meridien Hotels. Much of his work, as of late, is taken from the one-point perspective and symmetrical. Very Wes Anderson feeling.


Julian Escardo and I have been following each other on IG for years and just a few months ago we finally got the chance to meet up in real life. What a fascinating life he’s lived. Originally from Buenos Aires, he’s now based in Los Angeles and creates some great detailed and abstracted takes on architecture.


Marco and I have also been following each other on IG for years. He’s based in Utrecht, Netherlands, and also focuses on those detailed and abstracted takes of architecture. Lots of color, lots of staircases, and a super nice guy.


I haven’t been following Nikola long but love his minimal, geometric, muted color palette.


Another recent IG find – Mike McLaughlin. I especially love the shots in the first two rows below. Those gradients of pastel skies with the centered architectural subjects, so nice!


George Byrne’s pastel, color block take on architecture just feels happy. Still kicking myself for not getting his last book!

If you have any accounts you absolutely love, would love to hear about them!



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