Student Images – 2022 Chicago Workshop

Another great Chicago workshop is in the books. Another fantastic group joined me for 3 days exploring the city. Let’s take a look at some of their shots from the weekend.

Celine Hartwig

Celine joined us from Iowa and is sharing shots of a couple of Chicago’s best staircases (The Rookery & The Art Institute) + some fun reflections at the Burberry building.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram – @mcelinephoto.

Beth Buelow

Beth joined us from another neighboring state, Michigan. She made some fun ICM shots of Aqua and 235 Van Buren + caught some great clouds and reflections.

Follow her on Instagram – @bethbuelowphoto.

Dennis Herman

Joining us from the San Francisco area, Dennis captured some great details from the Pritzker Pavilion, South Pond Pavilion and The Rookery.

Checkout more of his work on his website –

Kristine Hinrichs

Kristine joined us from my home state of Wisconsin! She made some great layered, reflection shots of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Building + Trump Tower.

Follow her on Instagram – @kristinemarie.

Bill Course

Bill joined us from Washington state. He captured some dramatic shots of the ‘L’ tracks & The Art Institute of Chicago + some flowy patterns at Aqua.

Checkout more of his work on his website –

Chris Bernhardt

One of the local Illinois attendees, Chris captured The Rookery (seems to be a favorite of many!) & The Museum of Contemporary Art staircases + a dramatic shot of Marina Towers.

Liam Glass

Another local, Liam is sharing some great shots of the South Pond Pavilion, The Sofitel, and the Calder Flamingo.

Follow him on Instagram – @wglass24.

Mónica Frías

Coming from New York City, Mónica captured some beautiful shots of the Burberry building, Calder Flamingo, and the Sears Tower.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram – @monica0303.



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