Recently, I was in a conversation about how critical I can be of my own work. How rarely there’s an image I make that I’m truly excited about. I’m pretty sure this is how many/most photographers or creatives feel about what they make. Definitely don’t think this is unique to me.

Not sure if this is a healthy check of myself or self-sabotaging or just experience or feeling too comfortable and not pushing myself enough anymore or that indescribable knowingness when something just feels right and it’s meant to be rare. I certainly don’t have the answer.

But I do think it’s worth taking stock of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos I’ve made this year for myself and clients to see if anything stood out to me.

I try to do this on occasion, sometimes it leads to a new direction in my work or a new series or just some random insight into my state of mind or where I might need to be heading.

This one kept popping back up…will it stand the test of time? I have no idea. But, I like the softness, the subtlety, the quiet energy.



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  1. That sculpture offers endless possibilities but is far trickier to photograph than it looks.
    This image may be the best one I've ever seen, it just works in every possible way.
    Tre jaloux 🙂

  2. Beautiful image; very well seen. Very successful.

    I arrived at, "I'm getting better and better at what I do. All my photos suck." Meant to be a bit extreme, but captures my love/hate relationship with my work.

    Keep it up. Great stuff.

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