Milwaukee Art Museum | December 2022

It’s been quite a long time since my last visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) and even longer since the last time I photographed this incredible space (June of 2017, I’m actually shocked by this!).

Last Monday, I took a bit of an impromptu trip up to the museum for both the architecture and the art.

Because I can’t decide which of the shots I made I most like or whether I prefer color or BW, you’re gonna get a look at all the shots I edited (not everything I shot, that would be way too much, what’s here is already too much, lol).

Here they are in the order shot. Initial reaction, I prefer BW but there is still something I like about the color, especially for a couple of the shots (read on for which specifically). Enjoy!

The first few shots are of the lobby/atrium at the entrance of the museum.

This next one, leaning more toward the color version. The blue in any of these shots isn’t added; it’s the blue, likely the sky bouncing off the snow, from outside casting this hue on the white interiors. It’s certainly been emphasized in post-processing but not by a large degree.

I always like the reflections on the floor of the hallways. They make for some fun abstractions. Also, another shot where I prefer the color.

Now for the obsession I had with the skylights in the hallway. There’s something about them that feels otherworldly. Their minimal design, the softness of the curves, the subtle blue hue from the sky on the white walls…I’m always drawn to this area of the building.

One reason for sharing all the shots is to show the progression of how I’m seeing this space trying to find something that really resonates with me. Also why some of them might feel very similar from one shot to another. Sometimes, it’s a subtle movement of where I’m standing or how I angle the lens that results in a so-so shot to one I’m really satisfied with. I’m not sure I got something I’m in love with but I’m happy enough.

I had packed up my gear but then this disc-like sculpture that distorts things caught my eye on the way out. Super fun!



4 Responses

  1. The images with the blue are ingenious! I prefer them. The straight B&W are well done.

    Why the images with the blue color ? It tones the harshness of the subject.

  2. Normally, I like BW, but here the color versions are fairly monochrome with a hint of color. I think its really nice.

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