On this freezing cold day, I decided to continue the procrastination on something I’ve been meaning to do for years and is especially top of mind lately. Why? A couple of reasons – this thing is new, I don’t entirely know where or how to begin, and we had sun for the first time in what feels like months. Oh, I’ve also been procrastinating on just going out to shoot for myself so I guess I checked off one of my goals, right? A scarier thing pushed me into doing the other thing I’ve been avoiding. Whatever it takes, huh?

I didn’t last long because it really was frigid, but I wanted to get some new shots of the Art Deco gem -The Carbide and Carbon Building – green with gold detailing, it looks like a champagne bottle. So pretty, so unique.

The sun wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for and I don’t feel like I had the right vantage point for what I really wanted but it was too cold to explore the way I needed to. So, I guess we’ll call this more of a scout with a detour of some other approaches I wasn’t intending on. All in all, not a bad situation.

Here they are in the order shot…

I actually left and saw a new view on my way to lunch so grabbed these 3 shots at the last minute. Always be looking!

I realize they’re very similar, just different distances and other building inclusions. I can’t fully decide which I prefer. So, you get them all!

One more thing, always look behind you. Here are two new Urban Quilt shots.



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