Last Friday we finally had some sunshine, along with some pretty cold temps, which seems unavoidable in the winter. Oh well, despite the cold, I think I finally have a little project idea in mind. I need sunshine and clear skies so I had to take advantage of the right conditions.

I’m not going to share that project just yet, I want to fully finish it first. But, while wandering around Lakeshore East, The Loop, and River North there were a few random things that caught my eye. Here they are!

The first was this great shadow play on the Aon Center. Per usual, can’t decide on color vs BW.

A couple from Wacker Drive.

This time, I like both the color and BW. No apologies for my indecision here. As I often say, they just feel different so why not edit both ways.

Same for these reflections in Nuveen.

Definitely had a strong opinion on this one – Marina City.

Back over by the Aon Center with some layers of the nearby Mies buildings and these triangular canopy things. I know, fantastically accurate description.

Looking up between the Aon Center and Two Prudential Plaza. And back to the color vs BW. They are not centered on each other but I sure wish they were!



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