I was recently in Mexico City for a collaboration with St Regis Mexico City which was about exploring the city’s architecture for marketing content. Of course, no visit to this city is complete without visiting some of Luis Barragán’s designs.

The first, of three, that I’ll be sharing here is Casa Gilardi. His signature vibrant colors abound in this amazing home – from yellow to pink and blue to purple, which ties in nicely with the purple flowering Jacaranda tree on the property. And I lucked out with this beauty being in bloom on my visit.

Only cell phone photos are allowed so most of these were made with my iPhone. Somewhat limiting, but still an opportunity to document this incredible space.

I liked the soft diffuse blue of the sky and the clouds reflecting in the window mirroring this.

Sneaking a few “real” camera photos of the entryway before the announcement of cell phones only.

Onto the second floor…

Back to the ground floor and that amazing pool!



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  1. Gosh, these are amazing! They are all spectacular, but I think my favorite is that yellow hallway leading to the slightly open door revealing a slit of blue, and with those red and gold balls on the left. Wow!!

    1. I had a tour recently and the guide (the son of the owner) pointed out that the hallway walls are actually white! The yellow comes entirely from yellow tinted windows, which can be seen from the outside in another photo.

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