Student Images – 2023 Chicago Workshop

Time for the student images from the recent Chicago workshop! Always a favorite post to share. So fun seeing the different interpretations made of the locations we visited together.

Sandi Spaulding

This was Sandi’s first workshop with me, so nice to have her explore Chicago and capture some unique takes on the Chicago Cultural Center, MCA, and a multiple exposure of Marina Towers.

Be sure to check out more of her work on her website –

Candia Peterson

So nice to have Candia back for another workshop. She often edits in BW but this time around she went for some altered colors at the Art Institute, multiple exposure at the MCA, and a BW of Marina Towers.

Be sure to visit her website to see more of her work –

Christine Croucher

This was Christine’s second workshop as well. It’s been a few years so it was nice to have her in my hometown. She’s sharing images from the South Pond Pavilion, some great reflections at Burberry, and some nice layers around the Calder Flamingo.

See more of her work on her website –

Laurie Iten

Always so great to see Laurie again, she’s joined me in Chicago many times and is always a great time! She’s sharing some nice patterns from the South Pond Pavilion, a wide bird-like shot at the MCA, and some layered urban reflections at Trump Tower.

See more of her work on Instagram – @laurieiten.

Lisa Ostrich

New to the workshops, Lisa captured some fantastic patterns around the city. ICM at the South Pond Pavillion (almost looks firey!), reflections at Trump Tower, and St Regis.

Emma Tager

Great seeing Emma again after her first workshop last fall in NYC. Love her focus on the softness at the Pritzker Pavillion, Aqua, and even in the harsher lines of the urban density she captured in the third shot.

See more of her work on Instagram – @emma__tgr.

Barbara Brissenden

This was Barbara’s first workshop with me and she captured this great reflection at the Sofitel, a very dramatic lookup at Aqua, and a beautiful detail at the Rookery.

You can follow her on Facebook here.

Cos Anthony

The only man in our group this time, Cos was also new to the workshops. Check out his great shots of Marina Towers, a night view of the Calder Flamingo, and a Rookery detail.

Checkout more of his work on Instagram – @cosanthonyphotos.

Thanks again to this great group for joining me in Chicago!



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