I was recently commissioned to shoot 12 properties around Chicago for a real estate compliance company. They were looking for detailed/abstracted takes on their properties for marketing purposes. Always fun when my typical approach to shooting architecture is appreciated by companies like this. And a fun opportunity to shoot some buildings I may not have thought to shoot on my own.

Here are a few takes on each location.


The Ardus

They licensed color images but in some instances, I prefer the B&W takes.

One Bennett Park Apartments

Probably the most challenging to shoot. More traditional architecture is always tough for me.

Little Italy Branch, Chicago Public Library

Was happy this one was on the list. I’ve been meaning to get over here to shoot this. Love the vibrant color and texture.

Boys & Girls Club 

Tribune Tower

The Row

Also on my list to get out to shoot. This one took me awhile to warm up to but I ended up really liking this one. Here’s a small sample of what I edited from this one.

727 West Madison

Also on my list. The wildfire smoke moved in right around the time I shot this. Made for subdued light and mood in the shots. Definitely think this is a building that’s worth shooting under many different lighting conditions given how reflective it is. No doubt it will feel very different under various conditions.

Triangle Square Apartments

1229 West Concord

The first building complete in the big Lincoln Yards development. This one was more fun than I anticipated.

The Belden-Stratford

This one surprised me given my usual challenges with more traditional architecture but that canopy was fun!

The Mason

That was a fun project! Thanks for taking a look 🙂



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  1. Wonderful images. My mind was very active viewing them. Abstracts open up so many opportunities for creativity. Thanks for posting Angie.

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