Next up from my summer Scandinavian trip – Oslo! This was the last stop of the 11-day trip and another collaboration. This time, with The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo. Very nicely located near some architectural gems!

The weather was looking very questionable the full days I was going to be in town so despite the lateish arrival I spent the evening shooting as much as I could since it was beautiful. Not to mention the days are very long in the summer so I had some nice golden light pretty late into the day.

Let’s jump in!

Deichman Bjørvika | Architects – Lund Hagem and Atelier

The library was closed by the time I arrived but I was still able to shoot the exteriors in some nice, soft light. Lots of great lines and loved the fan-like pattern on the underside of the top column.

I’ll just jump to the interiors even though I shot them the next morning. This library feels so much more like a cafe and a fun meeting place than what you think of a typical library.

Architecturally, lots of angled layers and concrete and somewhat of a brutalist feel. Great texture in here! Much prefer the B&W versions.

These fun lights just inside the entrance.

Oslo Opera House | Architects – Snøhetta

Next door to the library and, perhaps, the location I was most excited to photograph.

This area, in general, is interesting. Historically, an industrial area on the waterfront its now home to a number of cultural institutions – this opera house, the library, museums, housing developments, outdoor restaurants and bars. A lot of great things going on in a relatively small space!

Back to the building. One of the most unique features is the sloping roofline that’s open to the public and gives you a birdseye view of the surrounding area.

Onto the interiors. Would have loved to see the auditorium but the lobby alone was pretty fantastic. Lots of textures, curves & angles. Plus, a fun patterned wall to play around with.

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel + Sculptural Piece in the water…

Excellent description, huh? lol

Since I was here for the hotel grabbed a shot from the roof of the Opera House and a detail of this art piece floating in the water nearby.


An Oslo neighborhood consisting of twelve narrow high-rise buildings of different heights and widths. The patterns, when viewed from a bit of a distance, resemble a barcode.

As you can see, some great golden hour light hitting all the buildings as I wandered around.

Akrobaten Bru – Oslo Bridge | L2 Architects

In that same area is the Oslo Bridge which goes over the the Central Train Station, which is where I arrived in the city.

Incorporating a bit of the bridge and our next location…

The Munch Museum | Architects – Estudio Herreros

From a distance, I didn’t think I was going to like photographing this building. But up close it takes on a whole new life. Its metal, mesh, curvy facade (technically, perforated aluminum) gets really interesting when you’re right underneath it. Doesn’t hurt I had that fantastic golden hour light on it + a nice blue sky.

I have so many photos of this, in color and B&W, but I’ll try to narrow it down a bit here, preferring the color.

First, the museum with the, I believe, Akershus Fortress in the distance.

Random Facades

Like Copenhagen, some great brickwork in this city!

And, just some other details I liked.


Now, for this very Instagrammable street! The first day I wandered over here it was raining pretty hard. Had to revisit the next day when the sun reappeared!


Another Instagram-worthy street but only one shot from here, also from the phone, and from the rainy day visit. Cute, nevertheless!


Then a few areas I came across that I found interesting.

Couldn’t pass up this cat and charming window. About as street photography-like as I’ll get. Also, a phone shot.



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