Finally, I’ve gotten through all the workshop edits! It’s been 4 years since I’ve photographed anything in Toronto so it was really great to lead a workshop here after so long. I had a really incredible group of photographers join me and we had phenomenal weather!

Let’s take a look at what we saw over our 3 days together.

Day 1

New to the workshop this time around, the Aga Khan Museum which included a private tour of the architectural highlights you can’t see with just the museum entrance. We had a great guide, learned a few things, and saw some incredible architecture.

Here’s a peek at the Lapiz staircase and auditorium ceiling. Both favorites from the interior.

aga kahn museum, moriyama & teshima

Also, love the skylights in the main gallery of the museum. Both from the inside and outside.

A look at the entrance facade.

After a really fantastic lunch at the museum’s restaurant, we had a private tour of the Ismaili Centre. The main prayer hall inside is the most interesting space architecturally but, unfortunately, they don’t allow photos of any kind. So, here’s a look at the exterior and some nice shadowplay.

We only toured/shot these two locations on the first day but spent quite a long time at each. Absolutely worth a few hours and the private tours at each. I’ll end day one with a view of downtown from the Aga Khan.

Day 2

Here’s a look at condo tower (don’t know the name of it) and City Hall. Probably my favorite brutalist building anywhere. So many great concrete curves contrasting with the lines of the tower portion of the building.

The Eaton Centre Bridge and a building nearby, just because I liked the reflections in the windows.

Then off to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) designed by Frank Gehry. A favorite stop of everyone. Who doesn’t love a great staircase?! This thing is massive and has so many great curves.

The Sun Life Centre and this curvy wall on the building across the street catching my eye.

Onto the Dominion Centre and Royal Bank Plaza. Great geometry here!

Just across the street we ended day 2 with the Calatrava-designed Allen Lambert Galleria. Always love his designs but I find this particular design of his somewhat difficult of his to photograph. It’s very busy and meant to represent a canopy of trees. You can see the many layers in this first shot. In both shots, using symmetry to try to create some order.

Day 3

We spent a beautiful morning exploring the many new buildings along the lakefront. First up, Monde Condos. More great geometry.

Nearby, Aqualina. The main focus on all these buildings in this area was certainly the balconies which created some fun patterns.

Then, I got distracted by the beautiful light on the surface of the rippling lake.

Now for my favorite location of the weekend, Alice Aycock’s sculpture titled “A Series of Whirlpool Field Manoeuvres for Pier 27″. I’m always a sucker for sculptures and the more chaotic something is, the more options there tend to be for abstracting and breaking it down into smaller pieces. So, prepare yourself for a lot of images! Some might say, too many 😉

The sculpture is white but it was catching a bit of the blue from the sky which I exaggerated a little and opted for a darker, moodier post-processing. Of course, I edited in black and white too but I’ll share the color here.

Now, Pier 27, the condo building where this sculpture is located. And, back to those balconies.

Next, CIBC Plaza. As much as I like the diamond shaped pattern on the facade of this building, I really found it challenging to photograph. Might need a revisit or two to figure out the best way to shoot this. In the meantime, here are a couple that feel so-so.

A few more stops after lunch. Another favorite, the Toronto Reference Library. There is a lot happening in here! the curvy staircase is always a favorite place to focus my attention.

I also love the very textured ceiling and its patterns, curves & angles.

A couple of blocks away, more curves with the facade of One Bloor East. We had some great light streaming through a portion of one side of the building creating some nice highlights.

Such fun patterns here!

Our final stop of the workshop – The Royal Ontario Museum. The highlight here is this geometric staircase.

If you missed the student images from the workshop, don’t forget to check them out now + some BTS shots.



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