Gothenburg, Bergen, Fjords, & Waterfalls

Get ready for a less-than-typical post from me. I had a fantastic trip to some areas of Scandinavia over the summer and have only now had time to finish all the edits.

While Copenhagen & Oslo were edited shortly after the trip (they were part of a collaboration with the Radisson Blu brand), the rest of the trip was more vacation-oriented with lots of nature and not my usual photo subject. I’ve just been swamped with client edits until recently. I’m entering my slow season and have a little time to catch up on some personal work & projects :)

Of course, I still made some images, even if limited. Sometimes I just need a break from shooting and prefer to just enjoy the experience without the presence of a camera to my eye. And, maybe, mostly need a break from all the post-processing that comes with shooting with my “real” camera. Without a doubt, I took lots of pics with my phone.

Despite these being not so much architectural and more nature-focused, I thought I’d share them anyway. Sometimes it’s good to try something a little different and why not share :)

Gothenburg, Sweden

The second city I visited on this 11-day trip was Gothenburg (Copenhagen was first). We took a train between these two cities, which is always a fun experience. We only had two days in Gothenburg and the main reason for the visit was a Bruce Springsteen concert. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be at a Springsteen concert, not my favorite but he’s fine enough. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention standing in pouring rain for 4 hours before the start of the show because the friends I was with decided they needed to be front and center. Not sure I’ve ever been so wet and cold for such a long period of time. It was an experience!

Anyway, onto the photos. The second day there was spent wandering around the city. The main thing I photographed was the Oscar Fredricks Church.

I just liked the curved tile in this doorway.

The only other thing I photographed here was the Central Train Station.

Bergen, Norway

Next up, a flight to Bergen to spend 3 days exploring this area. More gloomy weather but not much rain, at least. We wandered around the city, took a fjord cruise, went for a hike, and drove around the countryside in search of many waterfalls.

I loved this city. So charming. Colorful buildings along the waterfront that are all topsy turvy from sinking over the years and these winding old pedestrian streets to cute shops and this cozy bar we stumbled upon.

Color or Black & White? I can’t decide on this one…

And the view from Mount Fløyen.

Mostraumen Fjord Cruise

We took a half-day cruise through this beautiful area. This first shot and then the two rock details shots were my favorite from the day.


First up, Låtefossen. I didn’t edit many shots from this trip in BW but did for this waterfall. Thought I’d share both.

Next up, Vøringfossen. I’ll start with color & BW versions of my 3 favorite shots from here. Just love the rocky texture!

Also worth noting, none of these shots (or even the wider shots I made with my phone) convey the massive size of this waterfall.

More texture with the patterns at the base of the waterfall.

Loved the rainbow that was forming here. Super hard to capture. Obviously, I will not be taking up landscape/nature photography full-time!

The second hike of the trip (I didn’t take my “real” camera on the first hike, hence no photos, but it was pretty amazing!), was a short one to Tveitafossen. And, another color/BW comparison. Well, because I just can’t help myself!

One last shot because the water here by Fykesundbrua was too pretty not to share!

There you go, my little departure from the usual architecture. Though, I’d argue, many shots are still made in the way I prefer shooting – detailed/bordering on abstract. At least, those are many of my favorites from this set.



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